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who we are ?
  • Finalists of Polish talent show «Mam talent», semifinalists projects "Minute of Fame"", "Das Supertalent" and "Ukraine got talent".
  • Winners of France digital talent( France).
  • Opened the ceremony of Odessa International Film Festival and the award "Choice of the year".
  • Took part on the final gala show European Championship of Muay Thai 2014.
  • Were guests on Eid Al Adha Festival in Katara '15.
  • performance "Save the Earth" produced by Shadow Theater "Fireflies" won Excellent Short award at 2015 Handle Climate Change Film Festival (HCCFF) in China and "Best music video" in USA.
  • Participated in the biggest in Asia technical conference "TechFest" from IIT Boombay '15.
  • Participated "NARRATOR FORUM" 2016 and Sharjah International Book Fair ( Sharjah).
  • Performed for company "Lancome" at Nocibe Convention 2016.
  • Create ethno- project Verba.

Main achievements in 2016 year
  • Finalist of "Romain's got talent"( Bucharest , Romania).
  • Main entertainers on Eventex 2016. ( Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Created first in Ukraine children's shadow theatre - "Verba kids".
  • have successful tours in China, Burglary and Ukraine.
  • Performed in a lot of private events in Europe, Asia and UAE.
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Technical requirements
AT LEAST 3,5m height of a ceiling / width of the scene AT LEAST 7 m / Depth of the scene AT LEAST 6 m
The sound is removed from the laptop, which is located on the stage near the projector
Monitor line at the time of performance should be outside of the working area
A preparation of the stage takes 2 minutes before and 1-2 minutes after the performance
For the shadow theatre is necessary to start sound-check and training sets for at least two hours before the speech, time - about an hour
On the stage should be 2 sockets (total power of consumption must be AT LEAST 0.5 kW)
If indoors: Desirable a full darkening. If the open area - the performance is only possible in the evening hours, and without direct sunlight

Story about

Everyone's favorite fairy tale about Aladdin first staged in the shadow genre actors and dancers shadow theater. The performance, which won the hearts of audience of millions talant- show "Ukraine Got Talent."

What awaits Aladdin in this time? The answer is shrouded in a mysterious shadow. Adventure begins with the theater of shadows.

Story about

In late September, shadow theater was honored to speak at the international 16tom "NARRATOR FORUM", which took place 3 days in Sharjah. This year has been a very interesting topic: "Juha is universal Crown".

Shadow Theatre was the only one who was invited as artists in the shadows of film legends travel Juhi with his donkey. The actors showed their adventures in Turkey, Syria, Egypt, studying the culture of these countries and eventually return to their homeland with great knowledge.

Despite the cultural differences and conservative Sharjah actors we were able to adequately represent and setting for which they were rewarded with a standing ovation.

Alice in

Wonderful Alice Hatter with a wonderful, wonderful brothers and the rest of Trololo wonders alive, staged by the theater of shadows. With its plastic dancers managed to convey the story tales as yet no one had passed and make Wonderland a very real one.

So Sit back and and let's go with us ...
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